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Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley, SA

We’ve been to the Barossa Valley many times. So we thought we knew the place: vineyard tasting rooms that felt like your living room and Victorian bed and breakfasts that felt like a trip back in time.

We were in for a pleasant surprise.

We had booked a cottage called  Read More 
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Kangaroo Island, SA

There are more reasons to visit Kangaroo Island than...kangaroos.

Wallabies scamper around. Long black lizards race across the highway playing roulette with the vehicles. Magpies sit on the deck furniture crooning and acting as if they own the joint. Screeching parrots race after each other and pelicans doze on the beach.
One of  Read More 
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Denmark, WA


On the drive to Denmark we experienced something we didn’t expect: rain. Precipitation is a relatively scarce event in many places of Australia, jokingly called the World’s Largest Desert Island. On our flight to Perth from New Zealand, where it rains a lot, we flew over part of the belly of  Read More 
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Margaret River Part II

Margaret River II

While we were making new friends, we were also getting ready to connect with some long-time friends, Bruce Arnold and Nancy Fox who were flying to Perth from Sydney.
We moved from downtown Margaret River to the beach community of Gnarabup, home to long-haired surfers, tourists, families and retirees. The house  Read More 
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Margaret River

The 100-degree temperatures did not last for long, but the smiles did.
A cold front arrived with torrential rain and gale-force winds. By the time the rain stopped, it was 50-degrees cooler. We went from the A/C to the heater. Even the locals said it was weird and wild weather. “We’ve got  Read More 
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The last time we stayed at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel, the A/C in the room was rusting out, the backyard was a beer garden and teens ran around in various states of dress (or undress). Since then, the Prenderville family has purchased the hotel and made it into a summer camp for adults.  Read More 
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Getting to Perth

The afternoon sea breeze is producing choppy white caps on the Indian Ocean as we enjoy the westering sun from our Cottesloe Beach veranda. The "doctor" as the locals call the sea breeze cools the skin. Wind and kite surfers exalt in the breeze. The water temperature is refreshing which will be nice when  Read More 
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Down Under 2019

Only nine days until Ron and Kathy head for Australia for three months of adventure, meditation and time with Aussie friends.

We leave on January 15 on JetBlue for LAX. Then, we get on an Air New Zealand flight to Auckland (14 1/2 hours). Once we get to the City of Sails, we'll take a hot shower  Read More 
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